For Spanish people, eating is a social activity and we love sharing food with our family and friends. "Raciones" are the name of these platters designed to be shared, but which can also be enjoyed individually as part of a meal.

spanish tapas in bangkok
Huevos rotos
spanish tapas in bangkok
Berenjenas fritas con miel
spanish tapas in bangkok
Huevos rotos Jamón y gulas
spanish tapas in bangkok
Chorizo a la sidra
spanish tapas in bangkok
Chipirones en su tinta
spanish tapas in bangkok
Pulpo a la gallega
spanish tapas in bangkok
Torreznos con mojo
spanish tapas in bangkok
Presa de cerdo con salsa
dulce de pimentón
spanish tapas in bangkok
Pincho moruno con salsa
cremosa de ajo
spanish tapas in bangkok
spanish tapas in bangkok
Tortilla de patatas
spanish tapas in bangkok
Queso frito con confitura
de frambuesa
spanish tapas in bangkok
Camembert con ajo al horno
spanish tapas in bangkok
Lacón con queso de tetilla
spanish tapas in bangkok
Entrecot de ternera con
spanish tapas in bangkok
Salmon a la plancha
con guarición
spanish tapas in bangkok

Croquetas de Jamon.

Ham Croquettes.

Breaded balls of Bechamel filled with Ham.

Croquetas de Marisco.

Seafood Croquettes.

Creamy homemade croquettes with prawns, mussels, squid and cuttlefish.

Camembert con ajo al horno. (V)

Baked Camembert with garlic.

Whole oven-baked wheel of camembert cheese served with rosemary oil confited garlic and tomatoes.

Chorizo a la Sidra.

Chorizo in cider.

Fresh paprika spiced chorizo pork sausage cooked with apple cider on a sizzling hot plate..

Ragut de Cerdo con patatas.

Pork Ragout with fries.

Braised pork stewed in red wine served with homemade fries..

Chipirones en su tinta.

Squid in ink.

Popular Spanish recipe of baby squid in two textures cooked in its own ink and onion.

Boquerones en Vinagre.

Anchovies Vinegar.

Vinegar Anchovies with garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Anchoas de Santona.

Anchovies from Santona.

Fillets of Anchovies preserved in salt and olive oil, from the famouse region of Santona (Spain).

Pulpo a la Gallega.

Galician Octopus.

Slicedof boiled octopus on a bed of potato puree with extra virgin olive oil and paprika..

Cachopo de Ternera.

Beef Cachopo.

A generous beef ribeye steak battered and fried in olive oil topped with a creamy mix of edam and blue cheese Iberian Ham and roasted

piquillo peppers.

Entrecot de ternera con guarnicion.

Ribeye beef steak

Angus beef rib eye steak garnished with our crunchy fries and roasted peppers.

Callos a la Madrilena.

Madrid-Style beef tripe stew.

Beef tripe, chorizo sausage, and pancetta slowly cooked in an onion and paprika broth.


T-Bone Steak.

T-Bone Steak grilled Spanish beef served with fries and grilled peppers.

Pimientos de Piquillo (V).

Roasted Piquillo peppers

Roasted Piquillo peppers with a bed of Salmorejo (Cold Tomato soup).

Bogavante a la Parrilla.

Grilled Lobster.

Grilled Canadian Lobster with garlic butter..

Lubina en salsa verde.

Seabass in green Sauce.

Seabass fillet cooked in seafood stock, white wine, onion and parsley served with white Asparagus and red pepper.

Almejas a la Marinera

Clams Marinara Style.

Stewed Clams in white wine, onion, green and red pepper, saffron and homemade tomato sauce.

Zarzuela de Marisco.

Spanish Stewed Seafood.

A delicous mix of vegetables (onion, peppers and garlic) potatoes and seafood (Prawns, squid, calamari and Mussels) sauteed in olive oil and the stewed in a base of prawn broth, white wine and Saffron.

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